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Hello guys, I wasn't sure which forum to chose, so I thought this would be the most appropriate...

Anyway, I've purchased a Roccat Isku a few weeks ago... for a fair price...

The problem that I noticed playing FIFA 12 especially is that I can't press the key "S" along with the arrows "UP" and "Right" together like the 3 combined... which I could do in my old keyboard (it was a generic 10 dollar keyboard) and with this quite "expensive" keyboard I can't do that... it also happens with other letters... it seems to be affected only when pressing "Up" and "Right" together... anyone here has an Isku too so I can confirm whether it's a problem with my own or with every single keyboard...

Thanks in advance!
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  1. sounds like you're getting into some ghosting problems ( also known as key rollover)

    I cannot find any review that talks about the rollover pattern. My advice to you, contact roccat and find out from them if this is normal, perhaps they might offer a solution
  2. I will thank you :D
  3. Hello. I have the same problem as you. I made a software and firmware update, but the problem did not disspared, insted I can`t acces my esyshift keys anymore. I can olny easyshift the macro keys, which is realy anoyng. Please tell me if you fixed the s + diagonal forward right problem.
  4. Well it can't be fixes since its a problem is caused by the design of the matrix under the keys. The Isku is optimized for using the WSAD region or the Arrow keys but not both together. That is why some key combinations don't work.

    That is what roccat technical support told me.
  5. Thank you for your answer. I have return the keyboard and I am thinking about getting the Thermaltake Challenger Ultimate instead. It is really anoying that my 10 years old keyboard performes better than a 100 $ brand new one.
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