Factory restored my computer and now can't play my game

Hello. I just bought the game "Diablo III" and was able to install and play the game, however it was running quite slow, and this computer was given to me by my roomate. i bought a new video card just so I could play the game. anyways, after I factory restored the computer I tried to re-install my game, but it said that my specs did not meet the minimum requirements to install it.

I am assuming I have the necessary hardware since I played it before, so I have deducted that I must have deleted the software to run it. (I don't know much about computers). I have an amd athlon64 running on an ATI IXP 400 motherboard. I poked around search engines looking for the correct drivers to install but I have no idea what I'm doing.

Can somebody point me in the right direction??
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  1. If you bought a new video card, then the drivers for that card would not be included in the factory image that you used to restore your computer. Go to nvidia or AMD's website depending on who made your video card and download and install the appropriate drivers for that card. The game should then detect your video card and let you install.
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