Normal CPU Temp?

Hello all,
Can someone tell me what a normal CPU tempature range is.
I have an AMD Athlon tbird 1.4Ghz. My CPU temp is between 59-64c depending if I have the door closed where the tower sits in.
Also, If I wanted to change my cpu fan, would I add more thermal grease even though the thermal tape from the current fan has melted on the cpu?
Thank you
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  1. how many case fan u have? you should have at least 1 at the front for sucking air in and 1 at the back for blowing hot air out. alos make sure ALL your cable are nicely organised and tired up in you computer. if u want 2 change your hsf on your cpu, go ahead and do it, but DO NOT apply thermal compound over exsisting melted thermal pad and DO NOT apply it 2 thick, you want a even thin layer that provide good contact between your cpu and the hsf. you can clean off the old thermal pad by using acetone. buy some arctic silver 3 and follow the instruction at, this is very important, applying thermal compound is a reasonably delicate operation, so don't go do some garden work at 1 second and come bak apply some thermal compound the next.
  2. Seems like a normal temperature for a T-Bird, I wouldn´t be alarmed. As long as your system is stable, you're fine. There are no hard temperature facts, meaning that everything higher than 55 is bad or something like that. It depends on your system and the quality of your CPU. As long as your system is stable, you shouldn't worry about it!
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