How fast can i go?

I have an Asus A7A266E mobo and a Duron 1100 with 512mb sdram.

how fast should i safely be able to overclock this thing?
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  1. If it´s an XP-stepping Duron you should be able to get it to a 133FSB. If it´s an MP-stepping, it might go as high as 124FSB, but probably not more than 110-112MHz.
  2. i would say....
    Just unlock it and run at 9.0 x 133 MHz=1197MHz. I have my Duron 1100 MHz working like this.
    This Morgan Duron with 133 MHz Bus has the same performance than Tbird (sometimes better).

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  3. what do you mean 'unlock it'?
  4. The final speed of any CPU is given by a multiplier located in the CPU that times the bus.
    i.e. Duron 1100 MHz= 10 (multiplier) x 100 MHz (system bus)

    As you see, if the multiplier and/or the bus change, the speed of the CPU changes.
    Normally the bus is able to be changed however, the multiplier is locked in all recent Intel and AMD CPUs.
    With AMD CPUs there are a couple of tricks to unlock the multiplier, so you would be able to raise the bus and drop the multiplier i.e. 133 MHz bus x 8.5 multiplier= 1130 MHz.

    Finally, I would <font color=red>not recommend</font color=red> you to do any work around multiplier unlocking until you have enough knowledge about it.

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  5. LOL!

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  6. thanks, didn't know the companies had locked the chips to one speed multiplier. suppose they don't really want anyone getting more than they've paid for.
  7. unlocking also voids the CPU warranty....

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