PC completely freezing up in WoW

Hi, I'm completely at a loss. Let me preface by saying I'm pc illiterate, so forgive the noobness.

I have a brand new build (thanks to Mr. Tan at microcenter)

Intel i7 3930K, 16gb DDR -1600 (4 4gb modules) VTX4-256 SAT3 6gb SSD
nVidia GTX-670
750 watts of power

Problem is I randomly freeze up playing WoW. PC is locked completely. No sound, no mouse, no boot. Have to hard boot it. I have tried:
update driver on gtx 670 all the way up to beta, updated firmware as well. Disabled hd audio.

Followed all the suggestions from blizzard (including - YUCK, turn off all virus protection)
Downgraded all video options in game. did a selective start up so ONLY WoW was running. All to no avail. I'm pretty desperate to get my shiny new pc to work. It seems to be exclusive to WoW. Anyone? help!
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    I'd advise to update motherboard firmware and the firmware for the SSD.

    Before you do that, is the problem only presenting itself in wow? have you tried other games, does it still cause freezing? Do the freezes happen if you're just browsing web? If the computer tends to freeze for no reason even when not playing a game there might be a bigger problem at hand, at which point I'd advise to refrain from upgrading the firmware on motherboard and ssd until you can get your machine stable (if it freezes during the firmware update you will be left with a very expensive paper weight on your hands)
  2. Thanks, I had 2 freezes on Facebook games outside of wow. I called EVGA and talked to their techs and had me just go ahead and swap out the original graphics card. Since then no, freezing outside WoW. This PC is less than a week old, do you think the firmware is already out of date?
  3. I went to OCZ site and confirmed that my firmware is the most current release.
  4. been searching, and again, I'm a not well versed in pc speak so excuse the dumb questions.... can't find where to look for firmware version on my motherboard. anyone give a girl a hint? anyone else running similar config have problems? help!
  5. I'd check the memory. Most of the time, freezes are caused by faulty RAM.

    oh, and I suppose none of your components are overclocked?
  6. Sunius said:
    I'd check the memory. Most of the time, freezes are caused by faulty RAM.

    oh, and I support none of your components are overclocked?

    Is that different from the windows memory test? I did run that and came up clean. No on the overclocking
  7. motherboard drivers and bios can be found on your motherboard manufacturer's support website
  8. memtest is much better tool for detecting memory faults. Windows one sucks, it doesn't do its job properly.
  9. so it looks like the BIOS and the Graphics driver weren't so happy with each other. Bios was a bit outdated (2011). that's been far so good...keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks everyone!!!!!
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