Hola fellow forumers. I'd like to ask some questions:

I have Quad Q8200 (OC'ed to 2.8GHz), 4 GB DDR2 and 550Ti. The question is: To take Gigabyte's GA-Z77MX-D3H + 3470 and leave 550ti or leave old components and buy a new GPU. The PC would be used mainly for gaming (BF3, next GTA5). If GPU, then what graphics card should i take? I could spend for MB + CPU + RAM about 400-500$, and for GPU i would spend around 250-300$. I'm aiming at Radeon 7850. It's good choise or no? Would this GPU bottleneck my old CPU?
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  1. Bottlenecks move in different games and at different resolutions, if you are gaming at 1920 x 1080 or higher then I suggest you get the 7850. I don't think a CPU upgrade is worth it unless you get a GPU as well.
  2. Keep the CPU and get that 7850/70. :)
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