Gigabyte GTX 550ti vs. Inno3d GTX 550 ti

well sir i wanted to ask which one is beter 550ti in gigabyte or inno3d cuz i like shape of inno 3d but i dont know inno3d is beter than gigabye or not plz rply fast sir i am going to buy one of it within 3 days
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  1. I'd go with gigabyte. Usually better cooling and always longer warranty.
  2. For that price range get a ATI 6850 or 7770.

    $134 with free shipping, the performance of that card is in a different league.
  3. This questions would be better answered if you told us what activities you plan on doing with the card.

    Is it for gaming?

    Is it for video editing / entertainment unit?

    Is it for office work (with occasional youtube videos in the mix)?

    Let us know. Otherwise, it's really hard to answer (if you'd rather have a value/dollar answer).
  4. the performance is the same. if the 2 has same clock speeds
  5. if u are asking that which card can handle gaming, i d say that both are crap for full hd gaming.....
    but still if i was made to chose, i d go for gigabyte.....coz i heard that they had started to cover overclocking damage under their warranty......
    not sure though.....
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