HD 7770 CPU bottleneck?

I need your advice.

I'm building a gaming computer, and can't decide on the CPU. I've been searching the web all day, but I can't figure it out, because of the low screen resolution.

The graphics card: Asus HD 7770 factory-OC (HD7770-DCT-1GD5)
The resolution: 1360 x 768
The game: Assassin's Creed III. Let's assume that it will be pretty CPU-intensive, and that the new engine with many actors on the screen will make relatively good use of multiple cores.

CPU: i3 2120 ???

Is it possible that the i3 2120 will bottleneck that graphics card even a little at that resolution with such a game?
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  1. Nope. No bottleneck.
  2. No bottleneck at all! i3 is a very powerful gaming CPU.
  3. Thank you.
  4. can anyone tell me what is bottlenecking?
  5. When a GPU is slowed down by CPU because CPU isn't fast enough to give render commands to the GPU.
  6. ok thank you..
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