Games lagging using a Radeon HD 5450

Even League of Legends lags (around 15-20 fps, sometimes it jumps up to 33 fps) IN MININUM GRAPHICS.

Computer specs:

Intel i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz
ATI Radeon HD 5450

League of Legends even runs better using my old PC with shitty Intel HD Graphics, why am I lagging using this "gaming" PC?

Does this has to do with the BIOS configuration?
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  1. No its the 5450 its not a gaming card and just can't manage modern games. Its both out of date and was never a gaming card but the cheapest card only really mean't for dvds and youtube. A gaming PC should have a 6670 at the very least.
    That is not a gaming PC in any real sense.
  2. Yeah... ^^ I second that. Definitely not a gaming pc with a card like that. Your CPU is very good and ram also but the 5450 is very bad.
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