My computer crashes.. plz help

Hey everybody, could someone plz help me out. I'm going crazy trying to figure out whats wrong with my computer. its driving me nuts.

I recently started playing battlefield bad company 2, not even the newer battlefield 3. It works pretty fine until I get into a vehicle and get blown up. As soon as that happens, or at times even with a grenade or anything actually, my computer crashes. The graphics card is kind of old but should not be a problem. I dont get it. The worst thing is that I play at the minimum graphics and resolution possible and that still happens.

this is what I got:

- Intel core i7 920 @ 2666 MHz 279 GHz

- OS windows 7 64 bit

- NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260

- DirectX version 11

- RAM 8 GB

- 22 inch monitor

Tell me I'm the problem, anything. I don't mind, I just want to get this problem fixed.
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  1. Btw, I just cleaned out the dust from all the fans, and it still crashes.. graphic card temp is around 60.
  2. Describe the crashes please.
  3. the computer just turns off, and starts back up again, sending me to the bios where I choose to start it up normally.

    It turns off as if someone suddenly unplugged the electricity.
  4. Have you tried re-installing the game and also probably DirectX ?
  5. I dont think its the game. I always thought it was the graphics card, I was just about to buy a new one but I just recently found out that other ppl use the same one and it works perfectly.
    I dont think its the game because I had the same problem at the beginning with MW2 and black ops. I just lowered the graphics and it worked.. but its not the same case with Btf bad comapny 2.

    I never tried re installing direct x. Do you think that may be the problem?

    My brother jsut wrote me a couple minutes ago telling me a friend of his said the NVDIA graphic card 200 series have a fan that operates at only 40%. Could this be the possible problem? OVer heating?..

    If so , how in the world can I make the fan go faster? and would that damage the card?
  6. Test memory.
  7. I have no idea to run that
  8. Download auto installer for USB flash drive, insert your flash drive to the computer, run the installer, restart the PC and boot from the USB flash drive.
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