Re5 necessary aa for complete jaggy removal?

I am wondering something here..Exactly how much aa should I apply to this game to remove the blockiness from character's fingers? I have the game at near max settings with 8xaa applied in game and even 4xssaa for transparent textures through cp. Can someone please tell me what will remove that last bit of Thanks.
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  1. Which game are you talking about?
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    And what resolution are you runnng the game at? This may not be the desktop resolution.
  3. Resident Evil 5-it's run in my native res-1920x1080.
  4. blockiness in the fingers is not an AA issue, AA only covers pixel to pixel variations. Blockiness to me sounds like texture issues.
  5. Screenshot please?
  6. I was noting the blurry-low res textures in one of the cutscenes. But I googled it and I read that that was a problem in some cutscenes for the pc version. Thanks anyway.
  7. I'm all set now I believe...Now that I think about there a way to make all models highest res at all times?
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