Phantasy Star Online 2

Any one else excited about this? I signed upand have been playing it (japanese language only right now but there is an english patch that translates a lot of the game) and man is it awesome. Some features i like:

Player shops (costs real money to be able to set one up but you can buy items just fine)

Your character is not set to one class (you can change your class at a counter any time so your 1 character can be a force a ranger and a hunter and they just added 3 new classes as well)

The new combo system (no longer 3 hits you can start button mashing)

3 types of quests (matter board does the story line client orders allow you to unlock other npc's then there are quests from a counter)

Able to solo (yes you can hire 3 npcs's once unlocked to help you out in questing and leveling)

Multi party instances (so you can group with other players parties making for some real fun in leveling)

And there are so much more. I can not wait until this releases next year here in america. And did i mention that the game is almost entirely f2p? It uses an item shop (mostly exp boosts as well as cosmetic stuf and being able to set up player shops within the in game auction house). I have to say i am impressed with sega on this one although it did take them over 10 years for a sequel to the original phantasy star online for the dreamcast.
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  1. i freakin love pso2.
    couldn't get it running on my computer because mine is too old, so i played it at my friend's house, it's honestly everything we expected and more after playing the first pso lol.
    I still play PSOep1&2 online from time to time on a private server.
    I need a new gpu if i wanna play pso2
  2. heh i got my hd 6450 for under 50 bucks and it plays pso2 no problem. You don't need a top of the line card to play it :P
  3. Hmm I may have to check this out when I get home from work. I've still got my Dreamcast PSO disk somewhere and have fond memories of playing PS 2 on my friends Genesis growing up.
  4. So far I've enjoyed PSO2. I haven't installed the english patch, but rather have been using a website to translate the menus.

    That is a trailer for it. In case others are wondering how it looks. The character creator is a lot more detailed then in the past. There are some games that allow for more customization then pso2 but they are few and far in between. Only thing i do not like is the fact that your character is locked to the ship you made it on. Unless you pay to move it. Or if you pay to have a second character on another ship. So if you and a friend plan to play together on pso2 you need to pick a ship for you both to be on. There is a feature where you can also hire your friends character for quests as well. (i personally have been soloing so i can not confirm or deny it) Its release date is set to early next year with no exact date.
  6. They recently added 3 new classes a fighter a shooter and a techer which are unlocked at level 30 of its respective main class (these are sub classes of ranger force and hunter). So now there are 6 pso classes. Also for got to mention that the robot characters now can use force magic. When you create a character you have 6 choices. 2 human 2 newman and 2 robots that are male and female respectively.
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