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I'm waiting for my Dell to arrive and I had the urge to play something so I decided to install Myth II on my old PC, pIII 450. I go through the install setup but when it comes to running the game all I get is a black screen and the sound of the game. I tried Heroes II and I got the same problem. The games have worked before on this PC and I haven't done any hardware changes whatsover so could someone plz help me find a solution.
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  1. I got this problem once, turned out it was a bad INF driver for the monitor. Check that.
  2. I messed around with some of the monitor configurations but I'm not very computer literate so could you tell me how I can check the INF driver? Thanx again
  3. I just tried again and I realised my monitor makes sound (like when I shut the computer off) and its light starts going on and off successively. I'm not sure if this may mean anything. When I hit ESC since I cant see anything it returns normally to the windows screen. Help
  4. Sounds like you're attempting to run in bad resolutions, and the monitor's just powering off to prevent damage. Try deleting or renaming the game's config file, and lowering your desktop resolution to 1024*768*60Hz, then run the game again.
  5. Also, check if it's all games or just some. I haven't seen a system that had general problems with exclusive (fullscreen) modes, but that's not to say it isn't possible.
  6. It worked, I messed with the monitor resolution and it runs now. Thanx!
  7. Hello I am haivng the same issue, with every new game I install, it is either

    Black screen
    Flickering towards my background
    or I just see the windows borders when I try playing it in windows.

    - Changing my Resolution back doesn't help
    - I updated everything to its current
    - I thought it was Java, and somewhat still think that.
    - I restored all my graphics settings on my Nvidia 9800 GX2

    I am at a breaking point of my games running in black screen, and ready to take a bat to my graphics card.
  8. did you check the plug for your monitor?
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