Forwarding a port through 2 firewalls

Ok, I'm very new to this.

My brother wants to host games in Warcraft 3, in order to do that he needs to have port 6112 open. We share a dsl connection on our 3 computer network with a linksys cable/dsl router. Both the router and the modem have built in firewalls.

So far this is what I've figured out; In the router I set his computer's IP to a number below the starting DHCP range, so that for him DHCP is disabled. Then in port forwarding, I set 6112 to be forwarded to his computers IP.
Now on SharkyForums, I was told to just open the port on the modem and set his mac address to always be the same. But (yes I'm stupid) I can't figure out how to just "open" the ports, and I'm not sure what the mac address is. My modem has almost no documentation, and the customer support reps know less than I do.

There are the various option screens in my modem, could you please give me a hint where to start.

WAN Virtual Connection
Port Forwarding
IP Routing and RIP Configuration
Configuration Access


The modem is a Speedstream 5667 ADSL USB Ethernet Modem from Efficient Networks (very crappy), the router is a Linksys Ethernet Cable DSL Router (model BEFSR41).

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  1. Not possible. Been there tried everything.

    Hopefully your ISP supports PPPoE. You will need to call and switch to this if you are not already running it.

    You will need to set the system up with the router in bridge mode. This turns off the firewall.

    Most Linksys routers support PPPoE. This needs to be configured to connect and log in.

    Now you can forward your ports.

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  2. silly question: Why is PPPoE necessary?

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  3. Point to point over Ethernet - It's a set of standards adopted by DSL providers. For example, UK ADSL is PPPoA (ATM). The phone companies provide the DSL by the use of DSLAMs (backbone multiplexing devices).

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  4. I know what PPPoE is, my question was why is it necessary to run it, just to forward port 6112? It's just another protocol layer. Of course if the ISP requires it and you're not running it, you won't connect at all, let alone be able to forward a particular port.

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  5. what does the "A" stand for in PPPoA ?

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  6. ATM.....I mentioned it above.

    "Asynchronous transfer mode - Sometimes referred to as cell relay, ATM uses short, fixed-length packets called cells for transport. Information is divided among these cells, transmitted and then re-assembled at their final destination."

    Try <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A>

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  8. I have a similiar setup, but my cable modem has no built in firewall. I'd suggest disabling the firewall in the cable modem, or setting all ports to forward. Then use the router, as I do, to open port 6112 for your war3 games. Make sure you are forwarding to the correct ip within your lan. Use the command prompt, C:\ipconfig /all will tell you the correct ip address for the pc you want to forward the port. Also make sure your "Enable" box is checked to the right on the port forwarding page e.g.: ip: port:6112 "little box" check. This is how I host War3 games, hope it works for you. sbolinger2
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