Will this Phillips monitor work with my PS3? http://download.p4c.phili

Hi, I have my PS3 hooked to a projector right now via VGA/component video (not so good, but big :) And to save electricity when just I am using, I am thinking of getting this monitor: http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/2/227e3lphsu_00/227e3lphsu_00_dfu_eng.pdf
and hooking via HDMI jacks. Will it work? Will the 1920xblabla go edge to edge on this monitor? thanks in advance for any help!

PS. the full model name is Model 227E3LPH. It has audio out, no audio in, so I am assuming the audio out is the hdmi audio?!?
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  1. if it has HDMI, your okay, but if the monitor doesn't have speakers you may have to go without sound
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