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i guess this issue is getting beaten to death a bit, but it still is making no sense to me. my cpu is running at 50 % ish and have sli'd 9800 gts'. it is getting 25-33 fps standing still or running around. it is on an fx2 55. play on a different machine with superclocked 550ti sli and a 9800 dedicated physx card and an 8250 getting about the same frames on minimal graphics. jump over to DDO and getting 90 fps on the 9800 setup and up to 180 on the 550s setup. Logic would dictate that the faster computer that is only 3 months old and has nothing but required software to boot and play games would have better results. Looking at all the posts here and on guildwarsguru it seems for the most part that nobody knows what the "fix" is other than my interpretation of there statements... the game engine sucks and i need to take it as a life lesson and never buy then next great thing. stick with what works until the new stuff has all the bugs worked out of it
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  1. Hi, firstly, what CPU do you have? in both machines?

    as you can see, even though you got a better GPU in the newer machine the performance is the same/similar because the game is heavily CPU bound.

    The one thing you can take as a life lesson is new things/games will always have bugs a month after release, unless the developer spent 1 year beta testing, which none do today.
  2. sorry about the delay getting back to this. One of the machines is running an amd FX 8120 and the other is running an amd phenom 2 565. both are running well above game requirements, both have fresh updated driver installs. the one with the 8120 in it is a dedicated game machine with only ddo and guild wars 2 installed as well as a firewall and anti-virus. the other is full of games. some of the threads i have seen elsewhere are saying stuff about overly full hard drives... or fragmented hard drives. neither is the problem. I have been working on computers and building them for nearly 20 years and this is the first time i have had an issue like this. If it was truly a cpu intensive issue as i have seen posted, then my machine should have no issues running it. also asking in game the highest frame rate anyone replied with was 40-60 with an I7 and a 680 gtx. He said he had just built the computer a couple weeks ago and spent nearly 3000 on it.

    The real kicker is that crysis 2 will play on the older machine with med graphics at 60 frames... That game was so proud of the fact that you needed an uber system it almost makes me sick.

    I am really hoping that this isn't something that is going to become a trend with new games coming out because it is an epic fail in my opinion and will bring about the downfall of pc gaming. I also agree with you about the whole life lesson thing. I personally rarely go for the next "great thing" because nearly everything new that comes out is VERY buggy for at least the first 6 months or so, but try telling that to a 15y/o that thinks you are retarded just because you are old enough to be their dad. Hopefully it will be fixed before his ADD makes him chase the next great thing.

    enough of my rant for today.
  3. from what I've seen in benchmarks, GW2 runs very poorly on AMD CPUs. FX being an 8 core doesn't do it any good because the architecture is worse than Phenom II. afaik, the only uses up to 4 cores, and even then 1 core is 100% while others are 30-50%. Anet still got a long way to go with tweaking the performance.

    As far as I know there are people out there with i7 and 680 2-way sli that are running the game on 3 monitors.

    The biggest problem with the game though is the fact that the engine has a lot of little things to animate, while they might be completely unimportant and with that in mind the engine lacks proper scalability to load (ie if you have 10 PC on your screen show this much detail, when you have 50 PC on your screen drop certain details and when you have 100+ pc on your screen drop even more details) That part is severely lacking at the moment as far as I can tell, because it tried to render everything in your FOV, making it a very cpu bound game due to how many routines that poor cpu has to handle in order to feed the GPU
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