Can i play battlefield 3 on my pc?

I wants play battlefield 3 so can I play on my pc?
My system is...

Asus p5g41tmlx
Intel pentium dual core 3.0 GHz e5700
2 gb ram
Asus nvidia en210 1gb DDR3 gpu
450 watt PSU.
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  1. on low-medium, I would think so.
  2. So,what to for great performance?
  3. So,what to do for great performance...?
  4. no.

    your system is low powered and out of date. IT may run but it won't be "playable".

    Recommendation 1
    upgrading your RAM to 4GB (DDR2 is expensive now though)
    New GPU

    Recommendation 2
    buy a new machine.
  5. I haven't more money to buy new machine.but I can buy new gpu and,
    Please sugges me about gpu.which gpu would be better?
  6. it depends on your budget. i think u should go with GTX 560 non Ti or ti version its for mid-range budget but u need to buy a new power supply
  7. dont get 560 it will get bottlenecked badly by your cpu.. get another 2gb of ram and a radeon hd7750. that should let you play BF3 at medium
  8. Thanks for help...bro..
  9. But on of my friend,he able to play battlefield 3 on pentium dual core 3.0 GHz with Radeon hd 6770.
  10. radeon 6770 has same performance as a 7750. so get either one of those. yes your cpu is fine . its not great but it will let you play BF3. just get another 2gb of ddr2 ram as well
  11. Thanks more question can I play bf3 in ultra or high video setting with he 6770.
  12. depends on what resolution you want to play at. At 1024*768 on ultra, at 1280*1024 on high , at 1440*900 at medium and at 1600*900 on low .
  13. I want to play 1024*768 on ultra.
  14. yes you can do that
  15. Thanks....
  16. I am thinking to buy a new

    Gigabyte ga a55 ds3p
    AMD a6 3500 apu
    4gb DDR3 ram
    ATI 6670 1gb gpu
    500 watt PSU

    Is that right for battlefield3 games?
    Please sugges me....
  17. going for a llano apu at this point doesnt make sense.. go for trinity ie. A10-5600k
  18. if you are getting yourself an amd A 6 then i would recommend that u invest some more bucks and get yourself an amd A8...
    8 cores and a helluva performer..
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