boxed VS tray ???

is there any difference in the overclockability, reliability , stability, or manufacuring quality between the boxed and the tray editions of the p4 1.8a ?? please help i am so confused tell me about it even if there was a slight difference..
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  1. There isn't any difference between the tray(by tray, I'm assuming you mean OEM) and box version of the processor except that the box comes with a 3 year warrenty and a hsf, while the tray version comes with the processor(no hsf) and if your dealer is nice, a 30 day warrenty. But overclocking voids the warrenty anyway and if your going to overclock your probably want to get a better hsf anyway. Just make sure the tray version is a northwood(1.xA) not the old willy core.
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