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Hello everyone, I'm trying to remember the name of an old game i used to play and i was wondering if anyone could help? You played as a spaceship, and you had to shoot green and white aliens, and when they die they separate into smaller aliens. It was a very basic game low graphics that sort of thing.

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. space invaders?

    my recommendation, try geometry wars instead
  2. Its not Space-Invaders though its close, i would say its a mix of Space-Invaders and Geometry Wars. The aliens were just circles with faces on them, there were small green ones and big white ones, there may be more but that's all i can remember.
  3. what system was it on, it sounds like spider fight to me
  4. its on PC, and i don't think its spider fight, from memory its called something like "Alien Invasion" or similar. By now i think its about 10 years old. And i appreciate the help :)
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