I just built a new system. Here are the specs:

Athlon XP 1700+
Volcano 6cu+
Soltek SL-75DRV5
Samsung DDR333 512mb
ATI Radeon 8500(unknown if its le or not, clocked at 275/250)
Onboard Sound(the KDS rad5C got bad speakers anyways)

Anyway, after testing and seeing that the system is running stable, I decided to overclock the system. Now from what I read over the web, the 1700+ can reach speeds equal to XP 2000. So, I pumped the voltage to 1.65 and the fsb to 152. Everything booted up stable and I even ran Sysmark 2001(my score was in the 7800s). Then I realized Sysmark tells me the total system memory count was 256mb. So I rebooted and when it posts and counts the memory it also says 256! When I set the system back down to 1700, it reads 512. Anybody wanna tell me what I am doing wrong?
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  1. Well first of all the Athlon's default voltager is 1.75, so is 1.65 a typo? If you meant 1.85 how hot is your CPU getting? My 1700+ has ran as a 1900+ (145FSB) stable for months now at only 1.775. Remember the lower the voltage the better it is for your CPU, only a small bump in vcore should be used, I don't recommend anything over 1.825, but that's just me.

    OK now on to the issue. I'm assuming you have (2) 256MB sticks.

    A) Are they the same exact brand/models?
    B) What brand/model are they?
    C) Does this only happen at 152FSB or if you set it at for say 140 does it happen?

    I will wait for a reply on the mem to further evaluate, but my guess is one of the sticks isn't as good of quality and isn't taking well to the OC'ing. Did you try to up the mem voltage, or move them around to see what happens, or play with the timings, etc?

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  2. LOL!, I read the spec sheet for the Athlon model 8(thoroughbred) instead of the model 6(palamino). So when I said 1.65, I really do mean 1.65. Anyway, Im going to up it back to 1.75 later. I have ONE stick of samsung 512 ddr333. I'm going to try to up the voltage and see if I still have the same problem. Thanx.
  3. Ok, after realizing what a stupid mistake I made, I upped the voltage to 1.775 and set the fsb to 140. Seeing that it counted the memory correctly, I upped it to 145 and then 152. After the first boot, I check that the system had in fact counted 512 and that it ran stablely(again benchmarked using 3Dmark2001). Seems to be fine, then I rebooted again, made sure the memory count was correct. Surfed the web for about 10 min, then rebooted again. This time it counted 512 AGAIN!!!!! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!!
  4. I can't see what the problem is??! Your comp's running stable, your RAM is recognized... So what???

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  5. The problem is that when I up the fsb to 152 the ram miscounts. I have 512mb but it counts 256mb. Sure the system runs stably but I doesn't recognize the other 256mb I have.
  6. Here are the most probable reasons (in descended order):
    1. RAM overheating;
    2. CPU "overvoltaging"
    3. CPU overheating
    4. Chipset overheating
    By my personal opinion one or several of these might cause the problem. The first one, perhaps.

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