GTX670 Battlefield 3 (yes another one, sorry!)

Hey guys, i happen to be one of those people whose battlefield isnt working properly.
I built a rig like a month ago and everything is perfect.
Its my second one. I intalled BF3 and it works fine. For about 30 minutes. when suddenly screen freezes with a loud noise. then some bugging happens, player falls through ground and stuff. all this as like 0.05fps (gameplay fps is like 50+) Then after maybe 4-5 minutes of bugging out, bf3 is closed on its own, and computer back to normal as if nothing happened. cpu and gpu temp is ok. ram hasnt been overloaded. no error messages nothing. as if nothing happened...
Any ideas on wtf is wrong??

GTX670 2gb
i7-3820 (3.6ghz OC to 4.2)
Asus P9X79 PRO Intel X79
4x4 gb ripjaws @1800mhz
the cooling is all good, not gonna go through details of that
1000W antec
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  1. Update, forgot to mention i have a crucial M4 120gb SSD which has 2 partitions. one for windows and one for games. BF3 is on a separate 60gb partition. on its own. theres nothign else there
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