help!? need to remove xtasy gf4ti4200 heatsink/fan

i cant seem to get it off so i can replace it w/ my thermaltake geforce4 fan/heatsink... does anyone have experience in this? i dont want to be stuck w/ the stock blue heatsink/fan... =(
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  1. take the card and put it in a plastic bag, get all the air out you can. put the card in the freezer for about an hour. when you take it out, hold it in your hand with a towl or some thick cloth. the adhesive that holds the hs on will be brittle. protect the card with a credit card and pry the hs off with a flat head screw driver. now wrap the card up in the towel and let it warm up to room temperature. then clean the processor and put your new hs on it. make absolutely sure it is dry before you put it back in your computer.

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