Asus P4B533E - Chassis Fan Spins Too Slow

Has anyone had any problems with the chassis fan spinning too slow with a Asus P4B533E mobo? And if so, how to fix this? I've replaced the fan with new fan, but it still spins too slow. So it's not the fan. It's got to be something with the mobo. Asus Probe says it's spinning at about 2000 RPM, just a tad below the minimum setting of 2200 RPM. My board temperature is fine, but it's just kind of annoying because I had to disable the BIOS monitoring of the fans because it would not allow me to boot.

I don't overclock and as I mentioned, the board, CPU temps are all fine. I asked Asus Tech Support and said there is nothing I can do within the BIOS to either up the fan speed or reduce the minimum monitored setting of 2200 RPM.
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  1. ..Personally I wouldn't bother too much with mean Asus's notoriously innaccurate anyway. I have an Asus A7V133 myself and got fed up of this buggy monitoring software pretty quickly.

    Do you have problems with overheating? If you don't then there's nothing wrong with your fan setup. Install motherboard monitor 5 and let that keep an eye on your system. And forget Anal Probe, as the name suggests it's a pain in the ass.......

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