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hi all,

i've been searching for a couple of good strat games through out these last few years but never really managed to get to it.

All I remember are the glorious days of Total War, Empire Earth and Civilisation.

Any help pls?

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  1. Starcraft, Starcraft 2, Warhammer 40k series, Supreme Commander series, Company of Heroes just to name a few.
  2. hmm, aren't starcraft and warhammer the fantasy / sci-fi type?

    correct me if i'm wrong.
  3. Yes they both are. So is Supreme Commander.
  4. can you suggest me somethin similar to COH and Total War type, pls?

    10x for the help btw.
  5. Have you played all of the Total War games, or just the older ones as alluded to in your first post? If not, Shogun 2 is really good.
  6. I mostly play strategy games (specially turn-based)and I believe those are the best:

    1. Fantasy turn-based strategy games:
    a) Heroes of Might & Magic - (VI is the latest one, I would recommend IV & III if you are into game play and you dont have very high graphics expectations)
    b) Disciples III: Renaissance - Disciples II is also a good option
    c) King's Bounty: The Legend
    2. Fantasy real time strategy games:
    a) Starcraft & Starcraft 2
    b) Warcraft
    3. "Realistic" turn-based strategy games:
    a) Shogun Total War 2; Medieval Total War 2; Rome 2 Total War ,Napoleon: Total War, Empire: Total War
    b) Jagged Alliance 2 & Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (later is the new installement and with better graphics)
    c) Civilization - any of the games really , the latest expansion pack is Civilization V: Gods and Kings

  7. Masters of Orion II was a classic sci-fi strat I still play today.. I just picked up Galactic Civilisations II which is similar, I'd recommend that.. though it is also a few years old the AI is really good (usually where most strats let me down, this AI cheats less and seems more intelligent.. at least to me it does)
  8. if you like wars and these type of games (tanks , artillery , armored vehicles , troops) , then i recommend Company of Heroes to you , its story about the world war II i really like this game.
  9. Starcraft 2 is probably the most "talked about" strategy game out there. Make sure you at least try it. Also, since you're an old Civilization player, you'll probably like the latest game of the series Civilization 5:

    They have developed it a lot better, specially in the graphics domain. Also check out the Gods and Kings expansion:

    Good luck ;)
  10. I've never played it but I hear some really nice stuff about of Age of Wonders. I don't think I saw it mentioned earlier.
  11. Trust me, just play fall of the samurai and you will sitting on your chair for hours.
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