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friends, i have also confusion in tow things one LET TV full Hd and 2nd is LED full HD monitors.frinds i want know this that which one is best for games?becoz both have full HD technology.and which one can give high graphs in games i have installed HD graphas card in computer.Thnks.... i hope i got best answer from here...!
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  1. Monitors are much better for using with computer. TVs are only good for movies.
  2. Text on a HDTV will not be as clear as text on a monitor. However, both should be fine for playing games since there are a lot of console gamers out there.
  3. i love that it didnt take long for this community of forum-goers to prove me right (refer to the last posts i made in a thread i opened in this section)

    i use a 19 inch Vizio TV, while my brother uses an ASUS monitor... his monitor blows my vizio away (mainly due to a resolution difference, but still :P )
  4. Monitors are better designed for quick moving pictures. A 24" monitor is better than a 32" TV (or any size TV for that matter). A 5ms or even better, 2ms response time on a monitor is much better than any TV and also think about view. It takes less time to react on a smaller monitor than on a bigger TV, you don't have to move your eyes and your thumbsticks as far on a smaller monitor.
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