Component, Composite and HDMI question.


I'm looking to capture my Nintendo Wii with an AVerMedia Live Gamer HD.

The problem is that the Wii's video cables are composite and the Live Gamer HD only has HDMI in/out.

I have a couple questions:
Should I use my Wii composite cables to pass through a composite 3-way coupler to connect a COMPONENT to HDMI cable up to the capture card?

or should I use the same composite coupler but instead use a composite to VGA cable with a VGA to HDMI coupler to hook up to the capture card?

I'm pretty conflicted with this matter. I want the best possible quality (for standard definition). I'm just not sure if the above choices would hinder the picture in any way.

Also, if you have a better way to hook up my wii to an HDMI in, please explain.
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  1. You can probably get a cable to go directly from the Wii to an HDMI port, or an adapter to plug into the back of the Wii and use a standard HDMI cable. Try typing 'Wii to HDMI' into your online retailer of choice.

    If you already have the equipment for your suggested solutions, then the former would be preferable, as VGA doesn't carry sound.
  2. I think I've seen Wii HDMI cables at stores.

    EDIT: Couldn't find any cables on the internet, so maybe there isn't a cable, but I found this:
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