Laptop working perfect, got new router, video games are choppy and any type of v

Please help! I recently got a new router, before i got it, I had my original one which is a gaming d-link router, and my laptop ran perfect, all of the sudden when I hooked jup the new one, my laptop cannot run counter-strike smoothly, it's very choppy, and has a 1 second late reaction time. Also, any type of internet video does not work anymore, it works for a second then stops, no loading or anything appears, the video simply just freezes or is extremely choppy, any advice or help on a possible solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, and I desperately need to fix this ASAP. I have an Alienware btw. I am not to sure what category to put this under..
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  1. probably get better support under a hardware or network section.

    but it could just be a setting in the new router. have you tried forwarding any IP's or enabling just your laptop in DMZ mode to see if that makes a difference.
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