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Major heat problems. Please recommend me a cooler.

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August 13, 2002 5:07:28 AM

I have a un-overclocked(**) Athlon XP 2000+ that is suffering major cooling problems.

With the standard heatsink and fan that came with the boxed CPU and not having overclocked the CPU or increased the core voltage, I am getting temerpature readings of between 70C - 80C (158F - 176F).

I fully intend to overclock the CPU therefore I am hoping that some of you could recommend me a GOOD cooler (not a water cooler though) that will really keep the temperature down, even in the middle of summer (i.e. now).

Price isn't too much of a problem, but be reasonable. Similarly, Noise isn't too big a deal.....but it'd be nice to hear the dialogue of games.

(**) I said that the CPU was not overclocked, but because I'm using an Asus A7V mobo, the FSB is at 135MHz standard, instead of 133MHz.

Thanks guys.


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August 13, 2002 5:43:26 AM

I had same trouble and temps with stock 1900+ fan. I now have a volcano 7 and highest it gets now is 52C under extreme load and it's OC'ed to 2100+ speeds. There is a volcano 7+ also, which is said to be good. It's more expensive. I get most of my cooling supplies at, the 7 is only $16 and they also have the 7+. <A HREF="" target="_new">Go here</A> to look at the 7 and the 7+ (specs) and prices.
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August 13, 2002 8:25:12 AM

Thanks for the rec. nja. I'm checking out the 7 as I type this message.

As I browse through the posts on this message board, I see the names of Swiftech, Silverado and Zamel appearing many times. How do these coolers compare?

I should say that I've also checked out Lord Kryo's review of 43 coolers but I'm looking to you guys to provide me with real-life, first hand experience of how well your coolers actually work.