Is amd a6 or a8 series apu better for hardcore gaming?

Hi,I want to buy new motherboard and AMD processor a series.
So,can I play like battlefield3 games on AMD a series apu?

Please any body tell me...
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  1. AMD APUs are currently not powerful enough to handle games such as BF3.

    You should look at Intel i-series CPUs (sandy/ivy-bridge) and discrete graphics cards to do this.
  2. But many people told me that AMD apu is good for battlefield3 games and I also saw on YouTube video of AMD a series apu.

    What to do I am very confuse...
  3. Well I suppose it depends on your expectations. If you consider 20-30 fps @ 1280 x 720 on medium settings playable then an APU might be a the thing for you.
  4. Thanks for suggest.I will take Intel i processor and one more sugges please about gpu nvidia or ATI?
  5. depends on your preference, amd has some nice cards around $200-$300 for BF3, but if going nvidia the 670 would be what you would want, or 660ti if you didnt care about maxed out on 1920x1080.

    AMD i would recommend anthing from 7850 and up or nvidia 660ti and up
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  7. how about WOW?
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