How can I create a boot disk into DOS with Win2K?

Is it possible at all to create a boot disk into DOS through Windows 2000? I've got an old one, but unfortunately it only reads my A drive. For some reason, it won't detect my harddrive, nor any of my CD-ROM drives. It's done the job insofar that it's allowed me to FLASH my BIOS, since that's only done through the contents on my floppy drive. Is there a site/program that could help me create one for my computer? I'd greatly appreciate any help that you can provide.
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  1. You can create a dos boot disk using win2k. You have to grab the contents of the file from your win98/winme cd. Format a disk, completely without system files. Then copy the io.sys, msdos.sys,, and all the other files to the disk.
  2. may be worth a look.

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