Call of Duty 2 Wont connect

Hey guys , Iv got call of duty 4 to connect and play, I have updated punkbuster for both games im running windows 7 and 1.3 version for cod2. As far as i know the ports are forwarded i checked twice and exceptions made with the firewall.

Is there something im missing here? why will cod4 connect but not cod2?
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  1. Did you go to firewall>advanced settings>inbound rules>cod2 right click and go to properties and then go the the advanced tab. Look for the *edge traversal* select *allow edge traversal*?

    I don't own COD2 but with the other COD games that worked for me.
  2. Never new about that, always had nat problems in the past . Tryed this but no joy. Iv a feeling its something other than firewall or ports perhaps ? why would cod4 work :/
  3. Hmmm I will look around on the web and see if I can find anything else that might be helpful. :) good luck!
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