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Right, I've never been an Fps gamer, just wasn't my thing but recently I've started expanding my gaming from,
Just WoW, Gf got me into it reluctantly and here I am six years later still playing
Then Portal came along, followed swiftly by Portal2,
Mass Effect one and two and I may get three, not right now though because I saw the Crysis 3 hunter trailer,
This has made me a convert :)
I, presumably like millions of other noobs want to play at being Predator
I'm currently D/l'ing the original Crysis Demo to learn things I will need to know but are there any tips anyone can offer me to ease me into this previously despised genre comfortably?
I'm on a normal keyboard and mouse so no gaming mouse macros etc please, I can pretty much stretch to multi keystrokes but practice makes perfect etc
cheers guys :)
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  1. Well I'm enjoying it so far, just cleared the first compoundy place, looking for grenades if that rings any bells?
    wondering why I denied myself this for so long hehe,
  2. Well I didn't think you had it in ya!

    You're going to mess around and get hooked on FPS games, and thinking about Predator too! :)

    I use a Trackball Mouse for FPS games, it's easier to spin around when somethings coming up behind you, really nice in Alien vs Predator when the aliens are on the floor, wall, and ceiling, it gets intense!
  3. Yup, I've finally succumbed lol, a good mate kept trying to get me into fps before he moved to Oz but I never got on with the controls and never really wanted to shoot stuff on a Pc, but the stealth and bow won me over hehe,
    When I said predator I meant hiding and firing arrows at targets, never considered the franchised games but now you've mentioned it I will probably look into that as well
  4. I just use a regular keyboard (1st gen Saitek Eclipse) and a Logitech Performance MX mouse (not a gaming mouse). I bought my 1st gaming mouse last year the Logitech G500, it's pretty good overall, but I don't think it made me a better gamer.
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    Tips? With FPS... practice is the only tip I can offer. Perhaps, stick to campaigns for now because you'll automatically hate the FPS genre if you get into the MP right away...some people have been playing MP FPS for years and it's quite competitive out there.

    While I personally prefer the FPS genre, I can't help but recommend Skyrim. You get a Wow type open world (ok, quite smaller but you get my drift)... and you get to play either in FPS mode or 3rd person...and yes, you get (if you choose to do so) to become a bow & arrow expert in the game (best bow and arrow game out there at the moment IMO). No you won't find guns but given your background, I just have to recommend it.

    Coming back to FPS shooters, Crysis was a little more Stealthy at first (it'll give you a chance to pick off opponents one by one) and when you feel confortable, then go Rambo style if you choose to do so...

  6. Stealthy is my preferred play method anyhow hehe, I'm pretty sure I'll stick to the Sp/storymode version tbh, I've always despised Pvp in Wow,
    I just don't have the reactions but as you said with practice I may find it becomes something I may try,
    At the moment its just getting my fingers used to all the extra keys, wasd isn't so much a problem anymore due to Portal on the netbook, its finding ctrl and shift that is difficult atm but I'm getting there,
    Skyrim, probably won't try it but then again I always said 'No Fps' hehe
  7. I kind of envy you.....there's a lot of games I wish I could play again for the first time, and Crysis is one of them.

    I was just amazed the first time I played that game. The environment, the AI, the realism of the movement mechanics and gunplay. It's really a fantastic game.

    One of the good things about Crysis is that it lets you play to your personal style. If you like stealth and precision, it allows you to play that has some of the best implementation of the lean, crouch, and prone mechanics.....which, IMO, every FPS should have (many of them don't....a lot of them only have "crouch").

    Once you play this game on Delta difficulty, and other games where hit damage is realistic (STALKER on hard), you'll realize how important being able to lean around corners and take shots is.......and then you'll play games that won't let you lean, and you'll always be grabbing that button trying to do it. ;)
  8. One other thing, is the Demo limited in any way from the 'real' game other than no Mp?
    I'm getting around 50Fps with everything on ultra and my W/c is really justifying its cost now :-)
    Idle 27'c gpu's at 30'c, after playing I checked temps, max Cpu was 41'c and max Gpu 49'c,
    Might go back to overclocking it, I'm currently on stock (3.6gHz) and see what I can push now, although I think I'm lucky enough having validated at 4.5GHz, might not be much left to get from it
  9. I don't know if the demo is limited, but the game! It's usually cheap as dirt now.

    There are a lot of great mods for this can really take the graphic quality up a big notch.

    Here are a few screens from my setup:

  10. Nice, I had seen the texture packs and sunshaft ones, I was going to install them on the game proper but Cba doing it for the demo,
    I decided I was buying it once I surfaced from the inital drop at the start, the water dripping off the mask was just too cool hehe,
    Its only to last me till february though...
    Found this whilst 'working' any good?
  12. Motopsychojdn said:
    Found this whilst 'working' any good?

    It's a pretty good "all-in-one" mod compilation....there's a lot of things I like in it, and some things I don't. I don't like the weapon sounds.

    Keep in mind that this mod changes the gun-handling a good bit (slower sight speed, more recoil). Also, be prepared for night time to be really dark, which will greatly increase the difficulty in a few spots later in the game. ;)

    If you install this, don't forget to DL and install the "Rygel Texture Pack," since it doesn't come with the mod (very important). There's a link to it just below the ReaLoaded link.
  13. My favourite mods for Crysis/Crysis Warhead was:

    Realism and graphics enhancement in one mod... goes to the "Extreme Immersive Mod". Some don't like some features of it (I do) such as how much the camera wobbles when walking, etc. You don't have to put every feature of this mod...just the ones you want (i.e. Graphics enhancement only).

    Check out CyberAlien's channel (he's the mod creator) for additional videos on all of this mod's features.

    IMO, it took a 2007 game and put it in front of all the nicest games today. No game has beaten this (Crysis + this mod). Look at the video and see for youself.

    Here's a video of the mod:
  14. I noticed Rygel's popping up everywhere that Crysis mods were mentioned so I was glad it was in with the C-real link, thats why I linked that one, its hard trying to post links on my phone lol, one is way easier than two :)
    I've been messing with the demo today, the console options are limited as theres no config file so display fps is all I've managed to do, no godmode or infinite cloak (pity),
    I'll be all over that when I get the full version though hehe,
    been running at 4Ghz today but forgot to check fps as I was too busy flying gunboats :P
    **up to 61fps, nothing I'm really noticing as 'better' so back to stock :)
    **further edit, although ensuring crossfire is on has boosted it massively :P
    just after finding Aztecs/Jim Hopper's body in the tree I'm seeing 100fps spikes on the display /beams like cheese-eating goon :)
    although its sporadic and seems to settle around 65-73,
    Leaving at 4GHz it is then haha
  15. Just a heads up...i don't know why but Crysis is extremely sensitive to overclocked systems...and become extremely buggy/unstable even if other games do fine. This is purely based on my personal experience though so...
  16. Seems ok so far, I'm just annoyed I hadn't checked cf was enabled on it lol, same thing happened with ME2, thought my frames were not as good as they could have been, then discovered I wasn't playing with a full deck so to speak :P,
    got bored on firstmode so onto 'normal' setting now, getting better with keys everyday :)
  17. You want a tip? Half-Life. ;)
  18. Its taken me long enough to get to crysis mate, I'm sure I'll check other fps's out in due course :-)
    I did play a 2d version in italian on a C64 years ago though :-)
  19. Well I d/'d the full version yesterday and I should get some time on it today, having a ball I must say hehe, and I suppose I'd best pick an answer, thanks for everyones input on this, you've all made me relaxed about Fps gaming so thank you
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  21. If you could find and snag a copy of the original FarCry you might like that game, one thing I really liked about it was you could go virtually anywhere off the beaten path exploring new attack alternatives or just enjoying the scenery.

    It's not advanced like Crysis, even though FarCry did bring machines to their knees when it was first released but is an older game I think you might enjoy.

    Additionally an older gun and run that was just mindless carnage and fun to play was Serious Sam Second Encounter, that also may be hard to find today we literally played online almost every day, it was a blast.

    Something similar and available today is Bulletstorm. Ryan
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