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I own an Abit KG7 and what to upgrade my cpu to an Athlon XP1900. The specs for my motherboard say 'no, max 1.377MHz'! But they where written before the release of the XP1900, so since it is the same socket can I use more powerfull processor? Does anyone know? Thanks
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  1. according to the Abit website, you can flash your BIOS and support up to the XP2100 - check out

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  2. Thanks, I actually found it myself in the end, but it took a while because the layout of abits site is shite. thanks though.

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  3. I'm running a pretty loaded KG7-RAID system, with an Athlon 1400MHZ. Is the XP 2100 the fastest CPU you can use?

    Would have XP 2600 work? Not the new model, but the 266MHZ BUS version?


    What is the fastest XP processor you can use on this board with the latest BIOS? Thanx.
  4. About a year ago I upgraded from the kg7 because of lack of cpu support and the better peforming kt-266a chipset. If the bios release was available when I upgraded then I would have definately kept this mobo because is very tweakable as far as memory setting etc in the bios...I got an aircooled 1.2 tbird on a kg7-lite running stable at 163mhz fsb with corsair pc2400 (my best overlock)...not too I am running an xp1900+ on a msi ktpro2 and it wont overclock for crap but is stable...I am just waiting for a good dual ddr performing mobo

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