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I am going to buy a really great, and expensive :-(, pc from alienware. I dont want to make my own because I dont know enough about hardware yet and dont want to risk my money. I figure that i want the most out of my pc, so why not overclock it? Well, it would overheat. So i would at least need to install more fans (i dont know enough to water cool). So how do i cut holes in my case so the air can come in/out without damaging it? btw, i think that alienware has plastic cases.
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  1. if you buy the right case you wont need to cut any holes. just order one with the most case fan spaces. you really should reconsider and try to build your own, it will give you much more satisfaction, with the help of every one here you can do it.

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  2. I think Alienware uses Chieftec cases. If I am correct on that, your case will be made of metal. Chieftec cases are very good in terms of design and cooling so you won't be needing to drill any holes, just maybe get some more fans. If your getting a P4, they overclock very with just stock cooling, and 2-3 fans.

    Oh and alienware overcharges alot for their systems and you don't really get to customize it to what you want. If you have a friend that knows how to build a computer, maybe you should consider paying him to build you one.
  3. I also recommend getting this made by a friend or even reading up and doing it yourself. It's much easier than you could ever imagine. And yes, you can buy the exact case alienware uses online. As someone said it's a chieftech case. Alienware is known for ungodly price gouging and only so so support. I was really suprised BestBuy offered them, but it appears they caught on to Alienware's "issues" and replaced them with that weird brand "VPR" or whatever. Anyhow you can do one better yourself and save $500, even a local store would assemble something to your liking for much cheaper and give you the support you deserve for the money spent.

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  4. Does your case look like <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A>, but in one of Alienware's colors and with the Alienware logo on the front? You can get custom side panels like <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> or <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> and cut your own holes without damaging the original.

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  5. I really dont feal confident building my own computer, and where i live there are no really good computer shops. I dont know anyone who will build one. Thanks for the side panels, they might help. I think i will stick to alienware. I think that I will build my computer next time. When I know abit more.
  6. Yes, the nice thing about those are:
    1. If you screw up you can buy another
    2. Plastic is easier to cut
    3. Plastic panel can be replaced easily with piece from hardare store/lumber yard

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  7. I have thought about this alienware for a long time now, and this is what i am going to do. I will get the Alienware with all the best parts I can order (good soundcard, dvd reader, cd reader/writer, etc). When I want to get another computer, i will simply look at how all the parts have been installed in my alienware and order a new motherboard, cpu, and graphics card. Then I can update my computer and hopefully not run into any problems. From what you say, this would be cheap; and besides, i dont need to buy every component over again anyway. I think i can install the graphics card but am not sure how the cpu fits into the motherboard. Do i need to put a heat-conducting paste between the two or do they just snap together?
  8. You simply remove the screw and rip out the old one, then cram the new one in and put the screw back in. Thermal paste is only used for heatsinks, the heatsink of the graphics card comes pre-intstalled.

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  9. I would really recommend building your own as well. If you are considering adding thermal paste to your alienware machine, then you should definately consider building your own. Adding thermal paste is more advanced than putting a system together. As for your argument that you have no computer store nearby, I built my last two systems without using my LCS (local computer store). Bought everything online and saved a bundle. If still you're thinking about going with alienware, then think of how much MORE you could buy with the money you save by building it yourself.

  10. ok zigzag, you heard the man speak , he doesnt feel confident, he wants reliability and he just wants it fast and pronto. he is also got the money so let him just buy it i guess. ONE THING backflash, i have heard MANY MANY MANY x100 bad things about alienware customer service, product management, comunication within company, and even quality. IIRC (if i remember correctly) it was toejam31 who had a lot of experience in this matter. i would suggest you talk to him first before anything else... other companies you wanna consider something like which i believe are more reliable than any other company out there. but talk to toejam31 first (send him a private message) and he will help you... I know you are very desperate about gettin a new computer and start using it (to play games i guess) but ask more and be smarter (i should have said that to myself when i bought this dell) read the signature of the week (week?? its been more than a week, how about changing it) by crashman... good advice by him... anybody else cares to add companies that make good pcs??

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