Borderlands 2 SLI Issue?

I bought the game in steam and updated my graphics driver today (306.23). So i launch evga precision to monitor how heavy the game hits my 2 460's in SLI but only 1 of them is really showing any activity.

I then went into the Nvidia control panel to check to see if the profile is there for Borderlands 2, i have the show all games found on PC checked. It does not list borderlands 2. The SLI is enabled and working for other games fine with both GPU'S tugging away.

If you have borderlands 2 and a SLI set up would you mind seeing if both your cards are being put to work? If they are then something is a foot with my PC. I'm not sure what else to try here, i was thinking one gpu was dedicated to Physx while the other graphics but for the most part the second GPU is flat lined not doing anything.

Thanks for the help if i receive any.
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  1. Well considering it was released a matter of hours ago, they probably don't have an SLI profile yet. Or Crossfire for that matter. It usually takes a little bit to get dual gpus running properly on new games. And even longer still to get it properly optimized.
  2. After getting in a fight with a crap load of enemies, and the ground being all tore up and ice pellets and flags ripped to shreds, i alt tabed back out and saw my second gpu was at 23% which means the game is using one gpu for rendering and the other for physx.
  3. I would recommend using an on screen display for judging gpu usage like MSI Afterburner. I don't have any idea why it would do that unless you don't have an SLI bridge. And like I said before it might just be that there is no SLI profile yet and the game can't use both gpus properly.
  4. Just force a mode (like frame alternate mode 2) in the nvidia control panel for borderlands2.exe. works, trust me.
  5. In SLI on mine It has Colors flashing during load of the game , even on to the menu screen... But when i use 1 card.. All is good.. with great fps with just 1 gtx 570.. 60-120fps constant
  6. Im running mine maxed out with 1920x1200 res and 2 gtx 465 sc in sli with a 2500k(4800ghz) and im steady at 126-134fps
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