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Hello All,

Im kind of new in here, I wish to know a server config which can run a online game.

And i also wish to know is possible to run the same game as a private server for me after the

developers make the severs offline.

Tk :)
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  1. Hello, sorry to say but your questions don't make sense. I don't know if something got lost in translation, but from the look of it you have no clue about what you're asking (considering that I have to guess at what you're asking)
  2. Sorry for the trouble, i wish to make a decent game server, which will be used for hosting games (online) and which can be also used as private game server for me.
  3. well, a xenon machine will probably do fine. I mean point is that today it's cheaper to pay for a server on the web and remote configure it than to build and run your own box.
  4. I think we would have to know the particular game you want to host to have any idea what the hardware requirements for a server would be.
  5. I love playing games like NFS (Need For Speed) and BattleForge.

    Tk :)
  6. I hope some will provide me with a config for a workstation or server, and also i wish to know is it possible to run a game as server with the game files i have, as the server is hosted by EA.
  7. I can tell you that you won't be able to run a server using the game client. you'll actually need the server client for the game to run on the server machine.

    As far as getting the machine spec, I'm not an expert on that, try making a post here:
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