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shuttle SS51G case cooling mod

Last response: in Overclocking
August 22, 2002 5:25:51 AM


Im about to put together a new comp and the shuttle SS51G looks really stink'n cool. I love all the stuff ive heard about it, except the fact that it gets really hot. Ive been pondering about a way to cool it down if i do get it and i was wondering what you think of my idea.

My Idea:
on the top of the case, near the back, right over top of the cpu, cut a hole to set up a Enermax Adjustable 12CM fan blowing down on the bare part of the heatsink they have in there and the mobo. Then on each side of the case near the front, on each side of the cdrom/hd bay, cut holes and set up Enermax Thermal Control 8CM fans. This way i will get more air in the case and more air blowing on the cpu and then the 2 thermal fans will help take out the hot air when its hot.

Now, im pretty new to modding. Ive been building comps for like 2 years now but i have no experiance with modding. So i have no idea really on how to cut the holes just mentioned above, some help on that to would be great. I also not sure about the fans i want to use. Is the 120mm a little excessive? also is 2 80mm blowers excessive? Finnaly, do you think this will make it to loud? This one will be in my bedroom so i want some quiet.

Heres what i plan on putting in it:
p4 2.0A
512 meg corsair xms 2700 cas 2
80 gig WD special
radeon 9700 pro
aopen slot loading dvdrom
floppy drive

My plan at first was to get a regular old cheiftec case with the shuttle AS45 GTR. What do you think is a better move?

The Shuttle SS51G -

Heres the list of things im going to get -

Thank you so much for reading all this and for the help

August 22, 2002 2:30:25 PM

I use a metal hole saw and drill press for all my mod fan holes works great, watch dust on intake fans must use filter. If not you can drill a BUNCH of holes to acomplish the same basic idea, still use filter though. I use hone oil filter paper, finest filter I could find.

:eek:  Who needs heatsinks and fans, I have an igloo :eek: 
August 22, 2002 2:54:10 PM

Thanks alot, thats exactly what i needed to know.

i can get my hands on some filters pretty cheap.

Thanks again

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August 23, 2002 10:21:35 PM

I like your idea, but I see a big problem. Power. The thing's only got a 200W power supply which is fine for the components, but I'm wondering if you'll have enough extra power connectors for 3 fans. Have you looked into this yet?

I personally will be building my new PC with this case and the cooling in the back seems to be enough according to all the reviews I've read.

The problem that some reviews have mentioned though is the front. Where the HD, CD/DVD Drive, & RAM will generate a lot of heat that will go nowhere.

What I plan on doing is just having 1 large HD...either 100 or 120GB....and leaving the other 3.5" bay empty. Then I'm going to attach the HD fan that 2CoolTek sells. I'm hoping that the fan will be enough to move the heat off the HD and blow the surrounding air hard enough where it'll either be pulled out the back or be forced out of either (or both) side vent holes.

The best solution though (i think) would be to nix the HD fan and get a 3.5" bay fan and just blow all that air out the front. However the only fan like that that I've found was on 2CoolTek and they don't carry it anymore due to it's lack of popularity. And I can't find it anywhere else.
August 23, 2002 11:30:50 PM

I didnt even think about power...sheesh....

What if i set up a couple 40 or 60mm 2 40mm fans where the 2 80s would be and a 60mm or 2 on the top? that should drop the power suckage by alot right? this way i still have some air blowing around.

The 120mm fan would never fit even if i did have the power...once i put a cdrom drive in there theres no space at all. I'll be lucky even to get a 80mm

I think i found something perfect for the free hd bay...
You can fit a 9cm or 8cm fan in it and it can go in a 3.5in or a 5.25in bay....and its 6 bucks on<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mixpix on 08/23/02 07:44 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
August 26, 2002 3:46:49 PM

Well raw power wasn't the problem I was thinking of. I could only imagine that it takes very little to power these little plastic fans.

My main concern in your case was molex power connectors. I know that on a 300+ Watt power supply there are plenty of extras left over....but I'm not familiar with 200W supplys. After connecting a CD/DVD drive & Hard Drive, are their any more to use for fans?

The link you gave from Newegg looks interesting, but seems poorly made. The one I was looking at, attaches directly to the hard drive and gives you 2 fans...
August 26, 2002 4:36:38 PM

i dont think the molex connectors will be a problem, all of the fans im going to get have pass through connectors and of they dont i can always get a splitter.

I saw that exact one on newegg too. The reason i liked this one was that its 6 bucks and i can put in like a vantec stealth or a speed adjustable fan. Im not limited to 50mm fans which might run really loud cause i would guess they run at a pretty high speed and there is 2 of them.