Skyrim Shout bug...

Ok so I have finished alot of the main quests and I was just running about collecting shouts as per the directions of The Grey beards.....

I went to the one at Arcwind point and once I learned the shout, the quest marker never disappeared and the quest is still active....

Something else..... I now have 2 drain Vitalitiy shouts.... One that deals out 1 damage per sec and another that deals out 2 per sec...

Any fixes?
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  1. for the quest:
    1. First up, in the game, you need to hit the ` key to bring up the console, or the specific key that you assigned this action to.

    2. Then you need to find out what quests you have active, which can easily be done by typing ‘ShowQuestTargets’ and hitting Enter. In case you have many active quests, however, it won’t really be much help, as there are only so many lines the console can show and you can’t scroll its contents. If you know the name of the quest, you can easily look it up on The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Wiki, which has a full list of the quests in the game, complete with their ID.

    3. After finding out what quest you want to progress, you need to enter the ‘Player.sqs’ command, followed by a space and the quest id (final command should look like Player.sqs <quest id>). This shows all the stages that are part of this quest, followed by a 1, if you already did it, or a 0, if you didn’t reach it. Bear in mind, however, that there are blank stages, so you might once again want to check out the UESP Wiki to see the actual stages and what they mean.

    4. Last but not least, you need to introduce the ‘SetStage’ command, followed by the quest id and the stage number (it should look like SetStage <quest id> <stage number>). This will automatically progress through the quest to that intended stage, giving you new objectives and, hopefully, fixing the quest.

    as for the shouts... that's strange. I don't know.
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