Does intel i3 support Dual booting

i am planning to buy a laptop which supports windows 7 as well as linux. will intel i3/i5 core be a better option to intel core 2 duo?
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  1. Dual-booting is a software thing, nothing really to do with the processor.

    Are you talking about installing 2 operating systems on your computer, or running one inside the other using some kind of virtual machine?

    If it's the former then you'll get no specific performance increase other than the fact the Core i series is generally superior to the Core 2 series.

    If it's the latter then you want as powerful a processor as possible, so you may be better off with the Core i

    What are your processor choices?
  2. I am talking about installing 2 operating systems (ie- windows 7 as well as linux). But i was informed that intel i3/i5 processors cannot support 2 operating systems. so which processor should I preffer (intel i3/i5 or intel core 2 DUO)?
  3. Whoever told you that is incorrect.

    As far as the processors go, which ones are you looking at, and what are you doing with your computer? Personally I'd just go for the Core i series because Core 2 is now a dead platform.
  4. Dual boot operating systems have nothing to do with the processor, but with the hard drive to do dual boot you will need two hard drives or one specaial one. The will be quite hard to find on a laptop. I would recconmed looking in to a custom built desk top with two hard drives. Non solid state because the dont hold as much and cost more.
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