I3 2100 BF3 Multiplayer Benchmark

I wasn't sure if I should buy this processor because most forums about this chip (13 2100 dual-core w/hyperthreading) had a lot of people arguing about how it would run. Most people said it wouldn't run because it was a dual core, while others said because of HT it would work like a quad in BF3. Part of the problem was that there just weren't any MULTIPLAYER benchmarks for this chip. So I bought the chip and decided I would give it a shot at benchmarking this chip in BF3. Here are my results:

i3 2100
EVGA GTX560 SC (850 Core 2152 Mem) - Would have liked a better GPU, but I built this on a budget :(
ASUS P8Z77 Mobo
8GB Ram Dual Chanel
600W Reputable PSU
Western Digital 500GB SATA II Hard Drive - This was just lying around and I was strained for cash
Other Specs available on request

Playing on a 64 player CQ server on Caspian Boader, server remained mostly full with people coming in or quiting out, but there was always at least 60 people on the server.

Playing at the High preset with FOV at 90, Motion Blur at 25%, V-Sync off and in 1080p

Can't figure out how to put an XCell chart here, but here are the Min Max and Avg

I used a 5 min fraps test to benchmark.

Test 1

Min 32
Max 71
Avg 49.39

Test 2

Min 27 - Occur during the loadout menu so... :| Nest lowest value was 32
Max 74
Avg 45.86

Test 3

Min 27 - Durring gameplay not a menu
Max 83
Avg 45.313


Avg Min 28.667 w/value from menu and 30.334 without menu value
Avg Max 76
Avg Avg 46.854

GPU Usage was monitored using MSI Afterburner and was usually at 99% with a few small drops, and I tried not to shy away from graphically intense situations.

If you would like to see another benchmark at another resolution or at different settings please feel free to ask, and I hope this is useful.
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  1. Just wondered do the dips to the min feel bad when playing or are they OK.
  2. can you benchmark it at 1680x1050 resolution?? i have a hd 7770 and also wanna know how much percentage was the cpu usage on multiplayer maps??
  3. simon12 said:
    Just wondered do the dips to the min feel bad when playing or are they OK.

    When playing it feels smooth, the dips happen very rarely and when they do they aren't enough to impede your enjoyment of the game.
  4. cool07ist said:
    can you benchmark it at 1680x1050 resolution?? i have a hd 7770 and also wanna know how much percentage was the cpu usage on multiplayer maps??

    I will try and post those benchmarks during the weekend, and the CPU usage was almost always above 80% if I had to guess an average I would say the CPU was on average about 93% most of the time, but I'll take a closer at that look this weekend.

    BTW Sorry for the double post. :whistle:
  5. Was this benchmarked at 1920x1080?
  6. Dave178 said:
    Was this benchmarked at 1920x1080?

    Sorry for being away from this post so long, but school started up and I have been buried in work. In answer to your question, yes, this was benchmarked at 1920x1080.
  7. first off great effort... its always nice to see some 1 test there system for themselves and give there opinions...

    now lets dive in...
    first off hyper threading is never as good as having an actual core. reason being your splitting the cpu to do 2 workloads when it could be concentrating on 1 thus using less cycles to do it.
    because of this some 1 with a true quad would get much less variance between the min and max value.
    my gfx for instance on my own settings gives a solid 60 with the occasional dip to 55. i chose settings that would give me the nicest look with the minimum hit so the game play is ultra smooth...
    my gfx isn't that much stronger than yours but as i say my minimum fps is nowhere near your minimum of 30 ish. what you say is smooth is just what your used to if your playing with gradual falls and rises in fps you don't really notice as long as there not severe enough to interrupt the screen timings. what you want to do is try and get your fps as close as possible to a minimum of 60 and cap the max fps to 60 you will then see smooth game play and you will notice the very slight but pronounced difference.
    my guess is you will increase your minimum fps by dropping your settings as low as they will go but your fps wont show the increase it should, in fact you may se the opposite in that you get even wider variance... when testing this run gpu-z and you will likely see your gpu is being used less and less as you drop the settings.
    dont worry this is typical behavior of a highly threaded engine on a dual core system and is where the difference is to a true quad. if you drop the settings on a quad system the fps increases and the gpu usage will pretty much stay constant.
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