What kind of GPU and CPU can play arma 2 at high graphics?

right now i have a GTX 460 SE 1GB and a amd phenom x4 II black edition 3.4ghz

I can currently run arma 2 at 1600x900 render res, and all details set to low except of object detail to medium. and can run at 37-60 fps but only 60 when im in an area with nothing in it. and i want to run the game at high settings and IF I CAN at 1920x10803d rendering resolution

I am looking at upgrading my GPU to the MSI GTX 660 Super Clocked twin frozer

or if that cant get my requested setting then i'll get the TI version of the 660 (will the TI be able to run it at high settings either?)

i also want to upgrade the resolution to 1920x1080 rendering.

i dont want to upgrade my CPU yet (is my current CPU ok for Arma 2?)

so if oyu could please tell me how these 2 graphics cards i may upgrade to will handle arma 2 at my desoired settings and if my CPU right now is good enough for the settings i want too. thanks!
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  1. oops didnt meen to reply
  2. bump, really need some input please
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    google arma 2 optimisation theres alot you can do. A GPU upgrade would help but you should do better than low with that one. That CPU is sufficient overclock it if you want to
  4. give me 15 mins and ill play arma 2 and see what its like i have an MSI GTX 660Ti and AMD phenom 2 965BE
  5. ^thatd be great! also do you guys know if i should overclock my CPU? it gets to 60 degrees Celcius already on heavy load and i dont know if i should overclock it or not. i have a 750W PSU. its this one
  6. Stick a better cooler on it like a coolermaster 212 EVO if you plan to OC
  7. ^is there a cooler that is just as good as that that is a little bit cheaper?
  8. Coolermaster hyper Tx-3

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 13

    They are all cheaper, not quite as good as the 212 but still good enough for a decent overclock
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