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I was wondering whether any one knew whether the tyan 440BX chipset had the lock down or divider capability. i am trying to raise the bus speed from 66Mhz to 100Mhz and would not to burn out all my cards. thus i would like to lock down the bus of the pci and agp slots. if anyone knows if this is possible please let me know.
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  1. I'm a little confused since I thought that the BX chipset allowed everything to run within spec with an FSB of 100MHz.

    well I owned a tiger 100 and a tsunami. in the latest BIOS updates there were options to change the FSB, but there were only 2 or 3 settings between 100MHz and 133MHz. In my experience using these settings only slowed my system down, and I can't explain why. There was deffinitely no lockdown or divider function for PCI and/or AGP clocks.

    my opinion of these boards is: nice and stable and fast (for what they are) but the built in floppy controllers burnt out on both of them.
  2. d00d, you don't NEED a "lockdown" as both the board and chipset were made to run at 100MHz in the first place. And I answered your PM to that effect.

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