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Few questions...
1. Delta Focus Flow 80mm fan is noisy or is it not?
2. Panaflo and Delta F.F., which is better for case fans in term of cfm and dba.
3. The new Thermaltake Smart Case Fan, is it better than Panaflo or Delta F.F.?
4. Between these 3 fans mentioned, which one is the best for case fans?
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  1. It's a lot more complicated than that actually. CFM's, dBA's, and temperatures are all very confusing. We've had a few discussions here about exactly how noise measurements affect computer noise and the best way to provide adequate case airflow. Just keep two things in mind:

    1. A fan's dBA is only half the story behind the amount of noise it will make. Fans vibrate, causing the entire computer case to vibrate. CPU fans are especially bad, making the cooler I am linking to below especially good since it minimizes vibrations.
    2. Your hard drive is one of the loudest contributers of case noise, especially if all you do is screw it into the 3.5" bay. Buy one of these at least: <A HREF="" target="_new">NoiseControl No Vibes III</A>.

    Most cases come with fans already. Also, cases themselves are very important for determining the amount of airflow your components will get. Try to get a good case if you don't own one already. I have two suggestions: the Lian-li PC60/60USB/61 or the Kingwin KT-436. The Lian-li is a great case with everything you'd want (removable mobo tray, toolless case entry, several drive bays, 4 fans) and the Kingwin is a luxury case for if you have a ton of money to blow (it's nearly twice as expensive as the Lian-li). Some people like the Coolermaster cases because they have some of the finest aluminum but I think those are too expensive. Many also are into the Antec but I think those cases are bit too bulky. Finally, anyone who wants an aluminum case but doesn't want to pay much at all can settle for a Chieftech.

    By the way, I'd recommend a Zalman cooler because of low noise levels and low vibration. Get this if you're using an Athlon: <A HREF="" target="_new">CNPS 6000-Cu</A>. Scroll all the way down the page until you find this: <b>Zalman CNPS6000-Cu Pure Copper CPU Cooler for Socket A(462) & 370.</b> It's $38 plus shipping, so its a very good price. Oh, and don't try to overclock using this cooler when it's on the slowest fan speed. :smile:

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