Does a 9700pro work in a Shuttle SS51 mini case?

The Radeon 9700 pro is 8x agp... and I read here that Shuttle's SS51 mini case supports 4x agp.. will it still work? Also at I read in the faqs that the Radeon 9700 pro requires an additional power connection.. one from the power supply to the video card.. will the SS51's 200w power supply be able to handle the radeon 9700 pro's power requirements? i mean.. if the power supply can handle a p4 2.53ghz and a ti4600.. it should be able to handle a radeon 9700 pro right?
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  1. It will still work I guarantee that, the 9700 is backwards compatible to 4x, otherwise it'd be a really small market for ATI...

    The issue is , will an ATI 9700 Pro fit in an SS51G???

    If you look at the THG review you might notice that the Geforce 4 just about fits in the case, I'm afraid I don;t know the dimensions of the ATI 9700, but if it fits, it'll work....
  2. can i ask u a question? why do u want a shuttle ss51 mini case? do you live in a 5' by 5' room? or you are gettin it for the "coolness" and looks?

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  3. im getting it so i can take it to a friends' house in my backpack lol
  4. yea, its small. but you will regret it later after you stop bringing it to your friends house. its your money though, so its your choice.

    real philosophy of life: "do onto others what you dont want them do onto you"
  5. If they made a case with a more powerful PSU and a second 5.25 bay, I'd be very interested. I like the shuttle cases but there'll always be an element of compromise involved. Having said that, my sister wants a good PC to do internet browsing and office work on, so a small stylish case is ideal. I think Shuttle will do well with their new range. And I hope their cooling design will become more widely available.

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