Why arent there any drivers with windows 7?

I reformatted my hard disk deleting all partitions and installed Windows 7 Ultimate and Microsoft Office 2010 under a single partition setup. When trying to connect to the internet, a message saying it could not find drivers for my network adapter came up. After saving the necessary drivers from the Gateway site for my particular model onto cd from a friend's computer, I found that as a zipped file I am not even able to unzip them due to not having winzip or something similar installed with the software. I am totally confused. If I could connect to the Internet and just download the necessary drivers and updates all would be fine, but it seems I don't have that luxury. The stores here don't sell zip software, but from what I understand, winzip has nothing to do with windows. Please help.

Sincerely, Lisa
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  1. You don't need any external programs to deal with *.zip files. Windows 7 supports these files natively. Right-click on the file in exporer and select "Extract all".
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