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I have had my PS3 for a while and all of sudden it does not recognize that there is an ethernet cable plugged in. It has always been wired to the router via ethernet and never had any problem. Now, there is no connection and when I go to Network Settings to setup the wired connection, it tells me to connect an ethernet cable (even though it is already connected).

The first thing I did was to check the connection with my laptop. I pulled the cable out of the PS3 and plugged it into my laptop (wifi disabled) and it obtained an IP and connected immediately -> cable is not the issue.

Then I switched the ports on the router to the one my PC was connected to (no connection problems), still doesn't recognize the ethernet cable -> port is not the issue.

Then I switched the PS3 connection from the router to the modem directly, still no connection -> router hardware is not the issue.

Then I connected my Wii (normally wireless) to the same cable as the PS3 and the Wii connected -> router software is not the issue.

Then I connected the PS3 via wireless and it does connect. -> the lan card is not damaged.

I checked the little green light on the ethernet port and it is flashing green -> the port is functioning and receiving power.

Then I rest the PS3 to factory defaults, still no connection -> my PS3 settings are not the issue.

I have tired power cycling the modem, router, and PS3 (one at a time in that order) and still no connection.

I have also tried disabling my media server and still no connection.

It's weird because it has always worked just fine until one day it just stopped... I made no changes to anything on my entire network.

I have found people with 'similar' type issues but it seems their loss of connectivity is intermittent and relates back to port conflicts with P2P programs running. I have tried with my PC totally shut down and I do not ever get a connection at any point.

The only thing I can think it could possibly be is a corrupt ethernet driver (don't know how this would happen) or the port itself (though the green light being on would suggest it is functioning properly).

Is there a way to completely reformat the PS3? Then I could just download the latest update 4.25 and reinstall it and see if that helps? Can the ethernet card be replaced (i'm out of warranty)?

If anyone knows anything else I can try or has had this same issue, please let me know.
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  1. Well, you pretty much ruled out everything. I'd say the LAN port on the PS3 is dead. If so, you'll need to run wirelessly.
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