Watercooling with Black Ice Micros

I'm getting a <A HREF="http://www.coolermaster.com/products/atc/gallery/201-a-01.html" target="_new"> Coolermaster 201</A>, (which has an irremovable hard drive) and i was wondering what kind of radiator should i get? I've heard good things about the Black Ice series, and after going over the specs it looks like the <A HREF="http://www.dangerden.com/mall/radiators.asp" target="_new"> Black Ice Micro </A> is the best choice. I plan to have a waterblock CPU and GPU (if they ever actually make one for the radeon 9700...) and an Ehiem pump. So I guess what my question is, is the black ice micro enough (236.6 KCal per hour)? and if not then what can i do? would two BIM work? and how the hell would i set that up? thanks
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  1. People don't pay that much attention to their radiators. If they want cooler water, they usually just get two radiators instead of just one, or they go to the local junk yard and get an old heater core from a car.

    In general, the smaller the fins on the radiator, the better. You also don't want the radiator to be too large. If it's too big then it's pointless because your fan ultimately is in charge of providing most of the cooling. Also copper is always a good material to look for, but if you use copper make sure you put in some anti-corrosive in your water like water wetter.

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