Is OC'ing FSB bad for RAID array?

I read in some review, can't remember where, that when they overclocked their FSB a whole lot, it killed their RAID array in just a few hours.

I have my FSB overclocked from 133 to 145 and the 2nd hard drive in my RAID array died twice, is this the possible cause of it?

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  1. Depends on your overclock, taking the PCI or the memory too far beyond spec can damage the data quickly.

    I run my RAID up in the 170FSB area, no problems at all. I have my PCI/AGP locked and my memory at a sweet 231FSB 24/7.

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  2. My hard drive was physically dead. It wouldn't format anymore, even once I went to stock FSB. I'm def. not sure if it was the OC'ing, might have just been that I got 2 bad hard drive.

    It just seemed odd so I thought I would check to see if it was a known problem.

    Thank, does being able to lock the PCI/AGP work on pretty much any mainboard or is that pretty much just bios dependant?

    I was thinking my next CPU might be an Intel, or else if AMD can get to run cooler stock I'll just go with that. If I remember right 166MHz FSB will bring everything except the FSB down to stock... right?
  3. If I'm right only a couple of chipsets support PCI/AGP speed locking.

    And indeed at 166 MHz FSB on a DDR333 chipset will bring your PCI and AGP back to its normal speeds.

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