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I'm new here so sorry if any of my question have been asked/answered, Still getting used to the site. I have a few questions about windows 7, I have tried googling them but I couldn't find the answers.

1. I have 2 pc's that I want Windows 7 on, can I use the same disc on both or do I have to buy it twice? Some people said you can install it on 4 PC but some have said I have to buy 2 copies of the OP.

2. I currently have windows XP SP3, 64bit, Which Windows is the best for me to buy? again some people have said that you can only upgrade windows vista, some have said if you buy the retail version I can have it on atleast 3 PC's.

3. How much RAM does windows 7 recognize? I heard that the 64 bit can support up to 192GBs of ram.

Sorry if they said like stupid questions, or have been answered before. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Welcome to THF! Answers:
    1. You can use the same disk to install Win7 on both PCs, but you will need two licenses. (Means you pretty much have to buy two copies of the OS.)
    2. Probably the best version for you will be Win7 Home Premium 64-bit. WinXP qualifies you to use the Upgrade Version of Win7, but it will not transfer files, settings, programs, etc. like it can from Vista. I would recommend going with the OEM version. OEM means no MS support, and you cannot move it from one PC to another. Retail lets you install it on up to 5(?) computers, but only one at a time. OEM ties you to the first PC you install it on.
    3. Win7 64-bit RAM capabilities are far more than you'll ever need with a current PC. Home Premium supports up to 192 GB of RAM, as you found out. The higher editions support (I think) up to 128 exabytes :o , however much that is!

    EDIT: 1898 is right. Home Premium limit is 16 GB. The others are currently 192 GB (though the theoretical limit is actually 128 exabytes). Source here.
  2. Premium actually supports 16GB.
    Here's a good comparison chart.
  3. Thanks for the help :D, I think I'll be getting the home premium version.
  4. You may find the Family pack for 3 computers, may be cheaper then buying 2 individual copies.
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