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hello im a big cod fan and sometimes when ever i want to play my cod black ops i usually have to delete it then reinstall it and it gets really annoying. my steam sometimes does the same thing. im getting tired of doing this and if anybody can help me that woud be the best thing ever. thanks and have a great day
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  1. What happens if you don't reinstall it?
  2. then it wont work
  3. its a steam game or a CD ?
  4. maybe something wrong in the windows , and tell me where u intall the game ?
  5. idk where the game goes when i install it but this started doing it to me after i purchased mw3 through amazon to download
  6. You have to provide more details if you want us to help. Try going to My Computer > C drive > Programs > Steam > Steam apps > youremail and you should have COD somewhere there. See if you can launch the game from there. If that works try creating a shortcut onto the desktop.
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